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Acoustic Interior Design

Ebony And Ivory Studios is one of its kind acoustic interior design company providing turnkey solutions for homes and corporate houses.

The company caters to needs in the fields of audio-visual system integration and acoustic interior design and makes a constant effort to deliver the best possible results. We cater to all your needs in the fields of audio-visual system integration and acoustic interior design. You give us the space and we will give you back the finished product of the highest technical standards that matches your aesthetic taste. We provide designing and consultancy services for any space where sound plays an important role.

We provide sound and acoustic solutions for:

  • Auditoriums
  • Conference Halls
  • Banquet Halls
  • Board Rooms
  • Language Interpretation and Video conferencing
  • Home / Mini Theatres
  • Cinemas / Multiplexes Sightlines
  • Screen size, Throw distance
  • Theatre size
  • Airports / Railway Stations Acoustics and P.A. system design
  • Audio Recording studios
  • TV studios
  • FM Radio studios
  • Film studios
  • Hotels and Restaurants Acoustics and Noise Control
  • Open Office Spaces Acoustics and Sound Masking
  • Exhibition Centers Acoustics and P.A. system design for large venues
  • Road Noise Control
  • Building Noise Control
  • Air-conditioning Noise Control
  • Industrial Noise Control and designs solutions
  • Sound Barriers and Reflectors
  • Audio Visual System Commissioning and Installation

We not only provide turnkey solutions for acoustical design for such spaces but also cater to other needs such as air conditioning systems, lighting for stage and auditoriums and theatre and auditorium seating.

  Acoustic Interior Design

Our Services

  • Audio recording and editing
  • Acoustic Interior Designing
  • Mastering
  • Voice-over
  • IVR Recordings
  • Commercials
  • Jingles
  • Sound/Music beds/Background music
  • Foley sound effects
  • Studio musicians on call
  • Recording for School dramas, Ballets, Musicals etc.
  • Dubbing in various languages
  • Foreign language Translation and Voice recording
  • Remote location recording